Super Green Smoothie

Spring is back and I enjoyed having this super green smoothie in my garden 💚 I have been so busy lately that my eating, exercise, and sleeping habits have gone a little haywire- I know that some of you can struggle with looking after yourself too. My gut health is also suffering and I’m feeling sore and bloated. So I’ve set new health and wellness goals! I’m going to start having an early morning power walk, and will make an effort to have regular breaks throughout the day – and of course, will focus on eating foods to help calm my gut. Eating healthy is not so hard when healthy food tastes amazing!
This was really delicious.I started with a little raw sweet potato and courgette – if you haven’t tried adding raw vegetables to smoothies give it a go, it’s much tastier than you might think.  I included  few hazelnuts and almonds blended with tiger nut milk of course! Tiger nut milk is great for gut health, it can also help and soothe IBS and leaky gut syndrome.

I added a teaspoon of baobab ( I use this one from Afya) which I love, and a teaspoon of spirulina which has a beautiful deep green  colour and is said to help curb cravings and keep you focussed, energized and alert. I also added a teaspoon of  Guarana which can help improve mood and stamina, and a tablespoon of cacao which also packed with antioxidants, and gives a rich chocolatey flavour.  I  topped with chia seeds and a few flowers from the garden because I love flowers!  Tons of fibre, lots of antioxidants and good for healing my gut. Super nourishing and super delicious!


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