Cherry Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any smoothie bowls,  to be honest I’ve not been making them for a while. But I felt inspired to create one this morning after a workshop I did yesterday where we’d been exploring intuitive and mindful eating, so I thought I’d share this morning’s bowl with you.

It’s a chocolate and cherry smoothie, made with a large handful of spinach, water, a handful of tiger nut flakes (or you could use powder), and a handful of cherries and a banana.  I also added some Maca powder for extra energy and a generous helping of cacao.

I decorated it with bee pollen, flowers and coconut, and also a little probiotic natural yogurt I blended with butterfly pea powder to make it turn blue. Adding a little probiotic yogurt, along with the prebiotic tiger nuts is brilliant for your gut  because it help to feed the microbes you need for good gut health.

The bowl  didn’t turn out how I’d intended. It started out really pretty with a delicate lacy design, but halfway through my glasses fell off my face and into my bowl! It ruined the design, my blue lace disappeared and brown splashes messed up the edges!

So I made the best of things and changed it. It’s less pretty, and a bit messy but tasted just as delicious.




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