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to NOURISH your body and soul!

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 We are obsessed with our Tiger Nuts,  a WHOLE, REAL, GOOD, NATURAL, SUPERFOOD full of health and nutritional benefits!

Tiger Nuts make it easy to eat healthy, eat happy

and smile from the inside 🙂

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S0 – What on earth is a tiger nut? 

Well its not actually a nut, it’s a small root vegetable, grown in a field and harvested in pretty much the same way as a potato. Known in Spain as the ‘Chufa, it’s a super little tuber, nutrient dense and packed with super food qualities.

Our Tiger Nuts come from Africa and Spain – in fact we have the widest range and are the ONLY company in the UK who sell Tiger Nuts grown in Spain.

Our Tiger Nuts are 100% Nut Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Raw, Organic, Sugar Free and Non-GMO.


Our Tiger Nuts are Allergy friendly, Diabetes friendly, Gut Health friendly,  AIP friendly, Raw Diet, Clean Diet and Paleo


Our Tiger Nuts taste delicious and are REALLY good for you! 

Tiger nuts are insanely high in Vitamin E, contain the important Omega 9 and are packed full of super nutrients to help you glow!

They are a natural pre-biotic, high in fibre, and high in resistant starch which makes them an amazing food!

First eaten  some 4000 years ago, it is now known that the tiger nut formed part of THE original paleo diet of our ancestors.

A really versatile little super food!

Not just great for snacking, tiger nuts can be used in lots of different ways. You can;

*eat them straight from the bag*make a nutritious dairy and nut free ‘nut’ milk

*add to smoothies and juices*use in baking*use in raw food recipes

*use in breakfast cereals*use on salads*use in sweet and savoury recipes

*and much more!

Eat clean…live happy… smile from the inside! 



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see what people are saying about us and our tiger nuts…

I adore their texture, their crunch, their chewiness, the caramel-nutty-raisin flavour, and their versatility… then the nutrition, lots of fibre, lots of resistant starch, monounsaturated fat, and nutrient dense.

It is great to buy from people who are passionate about their own products. Bravo!

Ben Richardson , Gluten Free Club London
The highest quality, meticulously packed, they are always happy to create bespoke items and really go above and beyond!
Jenny Sleath , LifeBox Food Co
Hot Product of the Month! Nutrient dense and packed with superfood qualities!
Cook Vegan
Horchata or tiger nut milk, a delicious drink. Its the newest milk of 2017!
Asda Good Living
They are naturally very sweet and high in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.
The texture is like a soft almond-try them mixed into muesli.
BBC Good Food
The best dairy free alternatives for acne: …tiger nuts are one of the best options for keeping inflammation down and your omega-6 levels in check!
Amy Saunders , Skyn Therapy Blog
Delicious… filled with prebiotic fibers that help promote healthy digestion… they’ll give you a nice burst of energy so you can tackle whatever the day has in store!
Richard Lorenzen, Huffington Post
Your first stop should be online, they’re available in all forms from The Tiger Nut Company. Give them a go!
Waitrose Weekend
…superfoods you SHOULD be eating for a healthier 2017!
Forget kale, chia seeds and coconut water…tiger nuts are low in ­calories and fat, and are a great source of potassium, ­vitamin E, iron and unsaturated fatty acids.
Vicki White , Daily Mirror
Tiger Nuts are tiny root vegetables overflowing with goodness!
Natural Health Magazine
They’re rich in resistant starch .. very important in helping to maintain the health of the gut as it works as a natural prebiotic, and they are also reported to help curb appetite and as such, support healthy weight management.
I love the Tiger Nut Company’s tiger nuts… super versatile and tasty!

Eve Kalinik
The small but mighty superfood thats set for big things…renowned for their health and skin benefits..their demand is gaining momentum fast
Ayesha Muttucumaru Health and Beauty Expert, Get the Gloss
Tiger Nuts are a weight loss hit! Their high fibre keeps you feeling full, reduces hunger and helps regulate blood glucose.

The new popcorn for 2017!

Sian Willians & Ian Marber, Save Money: Lose Weight on ITV
Tiger Nuts are a super food to watch out for!
Their prebiotic fibre proven to feed your good gut bacteria and boost your gut health!
Kate Quilton, Channel 4 - Super Foods: The Real Story

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We founded The Tiger Nut Company after discovering the amazing health benefits and nutritional values of tiger nuts, and decided that everyone should know about this delicious little super food!
We care about our products, the environment and the planet.
We care about health, and healthy eating.
We care about our customers.
We care about giving back what we can and donate a percentage of sales to charity.
Our mission is simple…to share this fantastic little superfood with everyone!
The Tigernut Company Limited
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We REALLY don’t like wastage or unnecessary use of packaging and transport miles, so unlike others we don’t repack our tiger nuts. Our products are packed at source, so use less resources and they reach you in a super fresh condition!

We are VERY choosy when it comes to sourcing our tiger nuts, and we only use two suppliers based in Spain. They control the quality of our tiger nuts from soil to us.

ALL of our products are grown organically AND sustainably.

We have a lot of #tigernutlove, and are pretty obsessive, perhaps even a bit nerdy, about tiger nuts!heart