what on earth are tiger nuts?

Tiger nuts are nutrient dense root vegetables.  Tiny little powerhouses full of nutrition, energy and taste!

A truly super superfood that is naturally gluten free, grain free, lactose-free, low fodmap, high fibre, and seriously delicious! Packed with prebiotic fibre for good guts.You can eat them raw, cooked or make the most delicious drink from them.


Healthy Hearts on Valentines Day!

Smoothies and tiger nuts are a great way to increase your fibre – but did you know that tiger nuts are also seriously good for your heart?

Tiger Nuts have a similar fat profile to heart-healthy olive oil, and   are packed with antioxidants. They are also high in amino acids like arginine which can help with heart health, and headaches, and can even boost your love life…

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We are OBSESSED with all things TIGER NUT! Whether you want to SNACK, BAKE, DRINK or MAKE, or eat a cheeky TREAT you will find it all right here!


Making Tiger Nut Milk is easy-
watch our video here!

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Recipes & News

Happy Hearts and Valentines!

Happy Hearts and Valentines!

We hope your smoothies are full of tiger nut love this Valentines Day!...

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Tiger Nut Milk

Tiger Nut Milk

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Our Tiger Nuts are 100% nut free, gluten free, grain free, diary free, lactose free, vegan, raw, organic, sugar free and NON-GMO

What People Are Saying

I'm smitten! Tiger Nut Mylk, sweet, creamy, delicious, & definitely my new favourite Mylk!

Kimberly ParsonsThe Yoga Kitchen

Best vegan-friendly snacks...soft and slightly, sweet, nutrient packed, great to nibble on for a protein boost!

Sareta PuriMetro


The anti-bacterial, fibre packed 'nut' which may even boost your sex life!

Dr.AxeFood is Medicine

We LOVE these little powerhouses of nutrition. Prebiotic, full of fibre, contain potassium, fatty acids and they taste amazing!

Lisa SimpsonPaleo and Co

Tiger Nuts are a super food to watch out for, the prebiotic fibre proven to feed good gut bacteria & boost gut health!

Kate QuiltonSuper Foods: The Real Story

Tiger Nuts are a weight loss hit! Their high fibre keeps you feeling full, reduces hunger & helps regulate blood glucose!

Sian Williams, Ian MarberSave Money: Lose Weight

The small but mighty superfood set for big things...

renowned for their health and skin benefits.

Ayesha MuttucumaruGet the Gloss

Helps maintain a healthy gut as Tiger Nuts are a natural prebiotic, and can help curb appetite.

Eve Kalinik Nutritional Therapist

Tiger Nuts are tiny root vegetables overflowing with goodness!

Natural Health Magazine

superfoods you SHOULD be eating... low in ­calories & fat, and a great source of potassium, ­vitamin E, & iron.

Vicki White Daily Mirror

Your first stop should be online, they're available in all forms from The Tiger Nut Company.

Give them a go!

Waitrose Weekend

Delicious! ...and give you a nice burst of energy to help you tackle whatever the day has in store!

Richard LorenzenHuffington Post

for acne: …tiger nuts are one of the best options for keeping inflammation down and your omega-6 levels in check!

Amy Saunders Skyn Therapy Blog

They are naturally very sweet and high in calcium,iron..
like a soft almond-try them mixed into muesli.

BBC Good Food