We founded The Tiger Nut Company to help EVERYONE enjoy tiger nuts  in  delicious food and drink that nourishes BODY, MIND and SOUL!

  • heartWe  care about  the environment and the planet.
  • heartWe care about health, and healthy eating.
  • heartWe care about our customers.
  • heartWe care about giving back what we can and donate to charity.

We are

… tiger nut innovators, making tiger nut goodness accessible to EVERYONE with real food, that tastes good and does you good!

What makes us different?

We REALLY don’t like wastage or unnecessary use of packaging and transport miles, so unlike others we don’t repack our tiger nuts.

Our products are packed at source, so use less resources and they reach you in a super fresh condition!

We are VERY choosy when it comes to sourcing our tiger nuts, and we only use two suppliers based in Spain. They control the quality of our tiger nuts from soil to us.

ALL of our products are grown organically AND sustainably.

We have a lot of #tigernutlove, and are pretty obsessive, perhaps even a bit nerdy, about tiger nuts!