Our Tiger Nut Flour
Tiger Nut Flour is really versatile. It can be used raw or in cooking and baking. Our flours contain 100% Tiger Nuts and nothing else. It is gluten free and nutritious and works well in many recipes. It is similar to almond flour and can easily be substituted in most recipes, but is also great for making batter and delicious pancakes!
We have three varieties of flour; Our Tiger Nuts Milled is coarse, similar in texture to wholemeal flour. Our Tiger Nuts Flour is a medium flour, and a good all rounder. Our Tiger Nuts Powder is super fine and made from peeled tiger nuts and is also a great all rounder in baking and also for adding to smoothies and juices.

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  • Tiger Nuts Flour 1Kg

  • ​​Tiger Nuts Milled 1Kg

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