Tiger Nuts are really versatile, and our range makes it easy to get your serving of tiger nut goodness every day without getting bored!

You can eat any of our products raw straight from the pack – and you can also make the most amazing sweet and savoury creations.

Here are ten ideas to get you inspired...

1.Snack like you’ve never snacked before! A small handful has tons of fibre which will help you feel fuller quicker, take to work or school in a lunchbox, or have as a healthy snack on the go. Try our Tiger Nuts Naked, Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts or Chufa de Valencia.

2. Make some delicious, creamy Tiger Nut Milk, our video here shows you how easy it is!

3. Use our Tiger Nuts Original, Chufa de Valencia or even our Tiger Nuts Naked for the best Tiger Nut Milk ever

4. Use the pulp left over from making Tiger Nut Milk to sprinkle on top of cereal, or mix with coconut  oil and raw cacao to make the most divine and healthy Protein Balls

5. Use our lovely Tiger Nuts Flakes  to make a yummy, healthy, muesli

6. Use our Tiger Nuts Original  to add crunch to a simple salad

7. Add  some extra goodness to a healthy breakfast smoothie with our Tiger Nuts Powder

8. Use our Tiger Nuts Flour to make some amazing Byron Bay Banana Bread

9.Try our Tiger Nuts Crunch as a topping for yoghurt, ice cream or salad

10.Use any of our Tiger Nut Milks to create a latte with coffee or matcha

But if you don’t have time to make anything, or you want a QUICK and healthy TREAT you can always grab a chunk of our super HEALTHY Raw Chocolate and Tiger Nut Bar!