Tiger Nuts are really versatile, and our range makes it easy to get your serving of tiger nut goodness every day without getting bored!

You can eat any of our products raw straight from the pack – and you can also make the most amazing sweet and savoury creations.

Here are ten ideas to get you inspired...

1 SNACK – snack healthy with a handful of Tiger Nuts Original

2 DRINK – try some delicious fresh tiger nut milk in coffee or on its own

3 BAKE – bake some healthy gluten and sugar free biscuits

4 SMOOTHIE – add tiger nut powder or whole tiger nuts  to your smoothie

5 BREAKFAST –  tiger nut Grr-nola with milk for a great start to the day

6 TREAT – try a chunk of our raw Tiger Nut Chocolate

7 DESSERT – mix  tiger nuts with blueberries and yogurt for a healthy dessert

8 BREAD  – try baking a delicious and healthy tiger nut loaf with tiger nut powder

9 CAKE – make a delicious raw vegan cheesecake with a tiger nut base

10 RAW COOKIE DOUGH – mix with coconut oil and choc chips