Why should I eat Tiger Nuts?

So why eat Tiger Nuts? Tiger nuts are a functional food, or a super food meaning they are really high in nutritional value with  some serious health benefits. A daily serving of tiger nut prebiotic fibre will feed your gut flora and boost gut health.

Tiger Nuts are high in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fibre. They are insanely nutritious containing more calcium than liver and as much iron as red meat!

Tiger Nuts are an ancient super food, with a unique macronutrient content that suggests they are a perfectly balanced nutritional food for humans.

Nutritional benefits

Amazingly Just 25 tiger nuts has as much potassium as an avocado and more  Vitamin E than six avocados!

Higher in fibre than oat bran

Same health benefits as olive oil

A great source of magnesium


There is so much conflicting advice on healthy eating at the moment. Many of the food facts we have been taught for many years are now being proven wrong, and the growing number of diet protocols such as paleo, Auto Immune Protocol, low FODMAP, clean eating is enough to leave anyone feeling confused – so what should we be eating?

Everyone is different, and what might suit one person might not suit another. A simple rule is the less processed the food, the better for you it is likely to be. Processed food lacks minerals and vitamins, and can contain preservatives and colourings that our bodies find hard to cope with. Nutrient poor food can actually leave you feeling hungry, and craving food because your body isn’t satisfied. Eating food that is nutrient dense, with simple unprocessed ingredients will leave you feeling satisfied and glowing with health and energy.


Tiger Nuts are a perfect food suitable for anyone following a paleo, low FODMAP, vegan, gluten free, AIP, plant-based, gut health, whole food or weight loss diet.

In fact, we haven’t yet found a diet protocol that tiger nuts are not perfect for!

Tiger nuts are an original, ancient food that our caveman ancestors thrived on. It is easy to make tiger nuts part of your daily diet, an easy and enjoyable change that can help you look and feel amazing!

So start glowing, curb cravings, improve your energy and boost your gut health with some delicious tiger nut goodness!