Zero Waste Chocolate and Orange Tiger Nut Balls

In April we were so pleased to be working with Authentic House for their April boxes, and when we created the lovely tiger nut milk making kits we included this brilliant little recipe, which also means that you have zero waste when making tiger nut milk.

Making fresh tiger nut milk is so easy, especially if you have one of our cute organic cotton milk making bags.

What is great is that once you’ve made your milk will have a bag of leftover tiger nut pulp. This is really good stuff, full of fibre, goodness, and taste, and its ideal for making delicious creations such as energy balls, biscuits and even cakes. 

Not only are you reducing waste but by using the pulp you are also saving money and getting great value for money from your tiger nuts!

You can see what Alice made in the picture above.

With just 100g of tiger nut we made about a dozen delicious snack balls. The recipe is simple, and you here can also see how Alice  made them on the Authentic House IGTV channel right here 


Chocolate and Orange Balls Recipe

Process the leftover pulp with;

½ orange – skin included

2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons raw cacao powder

1 tablespoon chia seeds

A few cashew nuts

1 teaspoon linseeds (optional)

Simply process,  shape into balls and chill in the fridge. They will keep for 3-5 days, and can also be frozen.



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