It is officially World Tiger Nut Day on 29th May!

May 29th is officially World Tiger Nut Day!   But it’s not just a day it’s our mission…

As you know we love and are obsessed with these lovely little tubers, so we founded the first ever World Tiger Nut Day to celebrate all things tiger nut, and this year we want to make it bigger and better than ever!

We want to to inspire everyone to eat healthy and delicious food.

We want to help educate to improve health and wellness.

We want to support tiger nut growers and communities to earn a fair wage and help improve their lives.

We want to support sustainable and ecologically friendly farming to help the planet.

We want to spread tiger nut love across the globe!

So we teamed up with some of our tiger nut friends across the globe to bring you some tiger nut fun – we have competitions, recipes and a live Q & A! You can find out more about tiger nuts and how you can join in the fun on World Tiger Nut Day here

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