We have reduced plastic in our bags by 85%!

We really care about the impact we have on our planet, and plastic pollution in our oceans is a massive concern. We have spent months researching and have managed to reduce plastic in our bags from using heavy duty single use plastic to a small window and a light inner film  which is recyclable. Until something better is developed we still have to use a film for freshness and for shelf life, but we are really pleased as this is around an 85% reduction of plastic in our packaging.

But our aim is zero plastic, and we are continuing to develop more ecologically friendly solutions. For example our chocolate bars (ready in a couple of weeks) are now wrapped in 100% recycled and recyclable paper and foil. We will also be launching new zero plastic tiger nut milk making kits really soon.

We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We use really cool toilet rolls made from renewable bamboo from Who Gives A Crap here  and we use 100% renewable and carbon zero energy at home from Bulb – see here .  We use products that are not tested on animals, and Ani has even been known to make her own cleaning products  from vinegar and essential oils.

Because we are concerned about global climate change we  will also shortly have a giving button where you can donate to ecological charities when you order.

With our new bags you can help the environment even more by not throwing them away. Because they are resealable you can re-use them to store food or pretty much anything you want.

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