Troo-ly Scrumptious!

This month we got together with our friends at Troo to create some perfect, gut-healthy breakfast ideas!   Troo make delicious prebiotic-packed food that nourishes your good gut bacteria, which is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. Troo granolas are made with ingredients that are natural, low sugar, high fibre, gluten free, plant-based and delicious – so they make a perfect partner with our tiger nut milk!

A  bowl of Super Seedy with Calming Ginger Troo Granola with a few slices of banana, some frozen blueberries and a big splash of Tiger Nut Milk makes a perfect gut-health breakfast.  This prebiotic fibre-filled extravaganza will definitely keep you on the go until lunch.

Alternatively, simply whip up a smoothie bowl with Tiger Nut Milk as the base – adding whatever fruit and veg you fancy, and top with a sprinkling of your favourite Troo Granola. Choose from Nicely Nutty with Soothing Cinnamon,or Super Seedy with Calming Ginger, or our favourite Dark Chocolate and Orange,  with only 3% sugar.

The team at Troo carefully developed recipes that are as natural as possible and they make everything in small batches so it tastes like you’ve made it at home for yourself. With no added emulsifiers, preservatives, fillers or bulking agents – just naturally, nutritionally-dense super healthy ingredients you can see why it’s a firm favourite with us.

Watch out for our #perfectpartners Instagram competition with our Troo buddies this week! 

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