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Wow – we’ve had a roaringly good review! We came tops when Alice Smellie from Femail Mail Online made tiger nut milk with our pack and loved it…

“TEST: I put 100g tiger nuts into a blender with 400ml of water, then strain in the bag. This takes just five minutes, and is delicious — by far my favourite”

Yes! Making tiger nut milk is quick, easy and by far the most delicious alternative milk!

Our cheeky nut milk bag will help you make the most perfect, silkiest homemade tiger nut nut milk and will deliver great results every time. Did you know that our bags are made from 100% ethically sourced sustainable organic cotton, and because we are working to reduce our use of plastic, we pack it in a recycled paper bag too.

Our Chufa de Valencia are extra large, super creamy and sweet and perfect for making tiger nut milk. These delicious, creamy little tubers are only grown in a small region in Valencia, Spain – and they taste amazing! They are grown for us on a small farm on ancient UNESCO heritage site which is preserving this ancient tuber. Chufa de Valencia is the original, authentic variety used to make Horchata de Chufa, a Spanish traditional speciality drink.

Special Offer 

To encourage you to try some delicious home made tiger nut milk until Monday 25th March  we are giving you £3 off our huge 1kg bags of Chufa de Valencia , usually £13.99  now just  £10.99 HERE 
AND £2 off our nut milk bags  usually £8.99 now just £6.99  HERE – thats a super sexy £5 off!



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