#tigernuttravels…your holiday essentials!

Tiger nuts are seriously one of my essentials when going on holiday! It can be really hard to find healthy snacks when travelling.  Although airports are getting better at providing healthy choices these can be so over priced,  and it can still be difficult to find choices that are gluten free or nut free. Tiger nuts are a perfect, healthy portable food. I find it so much easier to eat well if I plan ahead – if I have a bag of tiger nuts with me I’m much less likely to grab a bag of something unhealthy. They travel really well and are great to have as an in-flight snack. This month I took a couple of bags of cacao dusted with me on a flight. I snacked while I worked on the flight, and I found myself introducing them to some very interested people next to me!

Tiger nuts are also great to eat on the beach or by the pool as they are not affected by heat. I usually take a bag of premium peeled with me in my beach bag as the resealable bag is perfect for keeping the tiger nuts safe from sand and Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 21.38.25sea.

This month I’ve been lucky enough to have spent a week in Ibiza on a wellness retreat, where I had green juice, swam, did yoga and pilates every day.  It was amazing! Being able to detox, rest and exercise left me feeling so energised. I’m determined to continue with my wellness regime now that I am back – although it looks like I’ll have to continue in the UK without the sun!  I think it really is so important to nourish your body and also your soul with what and how you eat. I find that just sitting quietly in the garden in the sun for a few minutes, drinking a delicious and healthy smoothie can help me feel calm and refreshed.

I know it may seem a bit obsessive but I actually took along a bag of organic tiger nuts, a nut milk bag and my stick blender…and I am so glad I did! I was able to make the most delicious tiger nut milk.


Although I forgot to

bring along any cinnamon… I actually rediscovered how good and clean tasting plain tiger nut milk is!  I also made some delicious tiger nut milk, pear and fresh fig smoothies for the whole group to enjoy by the pool.

We have a fantastic #tigernuttravels competition this summer!  We are giving away packs of tiger nuts all summer to the best tiger nut holiday pics we see! All you have to do to enter is email or post your pictures on social media of your tiger nuts on holiday and use the hashtag #tigernutravels to be in with a chance of winning.

So wherever you are travelling on holiday this year, don’t forget to pack your tiger nuts, and don’t forget to take some pictures!