Tiger Nut Milk

Fresh tiger nut milk is so creamy and delicious – it is simple to make, is also super healthy and super good for you!  It is a perfect plant-based milk alternative in cereals, coffee and tea – but it tastes great straight up, the traditional way to drink it in Spain is with just a pinch of cinnamon. Traditionally they also add sugar, but there is no need as it is naturally sweet – but if you like try adding one date to 800 mls of tiger nut milk and blend. Tiger nut milk is an easy and delicious way to increase your plant-based foods and nutrition.

Did you know that tiger nut milk can help lower cholesterol, and help balance blood sugar? It is also high in resistant starch -a special type of plant fibre that resists is beneficial to gut health as it improves the population of gut microbiome, triggers cell signalling pathways associated with anti-inflammation, anti-diabetes and anti-obesity. It also has three times the calcium content of soy! All this and it tastes great too!! It’s super easy to make -simply soak, blend and strain – see website for our video showing you how easy it is 😍 

Making it fresh will give you lots of lovely leftover pulp, whatever you do DO NOT throw this away – it is pure delicious fibre! We all need to eat more fibre and the leftover pulp is an easy and tasty way to increase your fibre intake for free! You can add it to cereal, it is great mixed 50/50 with oats and will naturally sweeten the porridge and make it extra creamy. You can also mix it with coconut oil and whatever else you fancy and shape into snack balls which are super filling ( I know I overuse the word super!) and really delicious!

Have a look at the next post to see how easy it is to make some delicious chocolate and orange snack balls!





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