Tiger Nut Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This is such a delicious and decadent smoothie, it is hard to believe it is actually good for you! It is guilt free, dairy free and sugar free and full of natural nutrients. I made this for my husband who is a chocoholic in an effort to help him get his chocolate fix in a good way. I used Green and Blacks Cocoa powder because I didn’t have cacao to hand.  I think both are  healthy choices and both are so much better for you than the sugar filled stuff you can buy in shops. This is also a great smoothie for sneaking  goodness and greens into children who won’t eat their raw greens! I did try the recipe with and without Tiger Nut flour and to be honest we much preferred it with. The  Tiger Nut flour adds a real depth (as well as loads of anti-aging Vitamin E)  and enhances the chocolatey taste into something very decadent!

Large handful spinach

Large handful frozen cherries

1 small  banana

Filtered water

2 tablespoons Tiger Nut Flour

1 heaped tablespoon good quality cocoa or cacao powder

First blend the spinach with the filtered water , then add the cherries. When blended add in the Tiger Nut flour, cocoa/cacao and banana, blend and adjust by adding more water if necessary to get the right consistency. Then drink and enjoy! I topped mine with a little Tiger Nut flour, hemp seeds and cornflower petals.


choc smoothie 3choc smoothie 2