Tiger Nut & Blueberry Swirl

Tiger Nuts and blueberries are always an amazing  combination, and this smoothie from our Australian friends Terra Firma Foods  looks amazing!  Try making your smoothie dairy free using Tiger Nut milk instead of yogurt , nut or soy milks. Tiger Nut milk is so easy to make, simply soak tiger nuts in water overnight if you have time, and then blend and strain.Tiger Nut milk is a really tasty and nutritious dairy free alternative which is sweet enough on its own, but you can add a little maple syrup and cinnamon for a more authentic horchata hit! Alternatively mix with oats or chia seeds and leave overnight for a delicious and healthy breakfast bowl. You can also add Tiger Nut flour to your oats to make a great breakfast porridge.  Tiger Nuts are a great source of resistant starch, an important prebiotic that feeds your good gut bacteria which  helps strengthen and  improve your gut and digestive health, and in some tests Tiger Nuts  have also been shown to help boost sexual function – so what are you waiting for?!