Tiger Nut, Beetroot and Tumeric Bead Recipe

This month we got together with our friends at Mokhado who produce pure cold pressed extra virgin avocado, macadamia and apricot kernel oils. With with great taste and good health in mind -their oils and our tiger nuts can help  inflammation and even help lower high cholesterol,  (head over to their blog to find out more about the health benefits of their oils) we thought it was a great match!

They sent me some of their lovely oils to play with and I came up with this  seriously delicious bread recipe which is perfect for dipping into oil, or serving with butter. It is gluten free, packed with taste and full of goodness.

I love this bread so much, it has a lovely springy texture and open and chewy sourdough type texture, but with a soft crust. It is packed with nuts and seeds the colour is colour simply gorgeous.  It has such a great texture that you can slices really thinly without it breaking up –  I think it might be my new favourite!

It is quick and  easy to make, I used a cake tin with a loose bottom, partly because I wanted a  round loaf and also because it makes it easier to check to see if its cooked. This recipe contains eggs  but you can make it vegan by using a simple use flax seed egg instead (although I haven’t had a chance to test tested the vegan version yet).

It is a great loaf for dinner parties or posh deli style sandwiches – topped with avocado is divine!  We loved it dipped into apricot kernel oil, which is sweet and nutty. It is also delicious lightly toasted and should freeze well too. 


120g tiger nut flour

30g tapioca flour

20g psyllium husk powder

75 g mixed nuts and seeds (I used walnut, hazelnut and pine nut)

15g golden flax seeds

1 small grated beetroot (approx 85g)

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon xanthan gum

1 teaspoon sage

1 small teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

4 tablespoons apricot kernel oil

6  eggs beaten

sesame seeds for decoration optional


  • sieve the flours
  • lightly crush the nuts but leave quite large for texture
  • add the remaining dry  ingredients and mix well
  • add the oil
  • add the beaten eggs
  • line a cake tin (or loaf tin) with greaseproof paper
  • pour into the tin, and level with a spoon
  • make three scores on the top and sprinkle with seeds to decorate
  • place into a preheated oven at 180C
  • Bake for approximately 50 mins until done
  • Tip – take out after 40 minutes and check by tapping on the base
  • when it sounds hollow and is bouncy it is done
  • leave to cool before slicing

Enjoy! x



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