The Perfect Holiday Snack!

Did you know that tiger nuts peeled are the perfect snack to take with you on holiday? We took some with us recently on a trip to Ibiza, (taking tiger nuts to Spain is a bit ironic, but crazily the peeled aren’t easy to find there yet). We had some on the plane, which was so much healthier and tastier than eating the inflight snacks (if I were more organised I would have taken some raw tiger nut energy bites too!) . But where they were great was on the beach.  They were fine in the heat as they don’t need to be kept cold and the resealable pack meant we could keep the sand out. They are an ideal healthy snack for adults and little ones too, and because they are high in fibre they can help you feel full for longer too. While we there we took the opportunity to introduce our tiger nuts to some native Ibicencans , who were all blown away withe the taste and quality!  We love Spain, and we love Ibiza, and this year we discovered that one of the best ways to enjoy our tiger nuts is at a chilled beach bar along with a tall cold glass of  Estrella Damm !  IMG_4204IMG_4312IMG_4296