The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

We care about the impact we have on our planet, and are concerned about plastic pollution. We know you are too.

The GOOD: From when we first started out we have always chosen the most eco-friendly way to bring tiger nuts to you. But things have changed and we are changing our packaging to avoid  polluting our oceans. Chris has spent months researching what environmentally friendly  packaging is available and suitable for keeping our tiger nuts in tip top condition.  And we are  really excited  to let you know that we are changing  to new eco-friendly recyclable pouches. We listened to your views and have chosen pouches with resealable tops so that you can more easily keep your tiger nuts fresh at home. We have been working hard on the getting the new pouches just right and are super excited about the change!

The BAD: Unfortunately, our new pouches have been delayed for at least another month! We have been allowing our existing stock to run down in anticipation of the new bags, but because of the delay we are selling out of many of  of our products. This is bad news because we know how much you love our products!

The UGLY: So to make sure we can still keep you all supplied with our lovely tiger nut products we have decided to quickly restock as an interim measure, but we were only able to do this with some new different shaped ugly bags! We are gutted about the delay, and gutted about the bags but feel a temporary fix is needed to make sure you don’t miss out.

Your bag may be ugly, but it is still the same product and still the same great quality that you love.

We are really excited about the new pouches and we know you will love them, and our fingers crossed that with a bit of luck they might even be ready before BREXIT!


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