The Daily Mail LOVES a Tiger Nut Latte!

We were so chuffed to be contacted by the Daily Mail,  and so pleased to see tiger nut milk being featured last week. Tiger nut milk  – known as horchata de chufa – is such amazing and delicious stuff, and it isn’t just us that thinks so!

Victoria Woodhall from the Daily Mail says

“Many nut milks are bland and watery, but tiger nut milk has bags of flavour, like a sweet Weetabix. And you don’t need to add dates to make it palatable or oil to make it creamy. I added a spoonful of raw cacao and, bingo, I had a filling mid-morning snack”.

Eve Kalinik explains that tiger nuts are high in oleic acid, a monosaturated omega 9 – and high in resistant starch, a prebiotic fibre which feeds our microbiome and so tiger nuts are great for fighting inflammation and improving gut health.

Dairy alternatives are kinder to cows and better for the planet than dairy milk – but did you know that tiger nut milk is also better for the environment than some other nut milks? It can take a gallon of water to grow a single almond whereas our tiger nuts are grown in hot climates using rain water irrigation systems.

We were chuffed that we were the only tiger nut milk company featured, along with a  recipe from  Plant Milk Power. This is great book with lots of lovely tiger nut milk recipes.

Our ready made 100% pure tiger nut milk is creamy and delicious with no nasty additives, or why not make your own at home using our tiger nut milk  kits?
Fresh tiger nut milk is packed with vitamins and minerals and is super easy to make  plus you get to eat the left over pulp, pure fibre and zero waste = win win!🥛

We are so pleased to see tiger nut milk being mentioned in the national press, we want everyone to know how great it is! Not only is tiger nut milk  a great tasting dairy alternative, it’s better for the planet, kinder to cows and it also has tons of health benefits. 💚💚💚

You can read the full article here 

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