Super Valentines Day Competition!

We’ve teamed up with Yumbles, and RawCo Food to bring you this fantastic Valentine Give-Away!

Worth £26, the bundle includes a jar of RawCo Coconut Oil, Premium Peeled Tiger Nuts (great for cooking or snacking), our NEW Raw Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts, and a Nut Milk Bag so you can easily make your own Tiger Nut Milk at home.

RawCo Extra Virgin Coconut oil is great in food, to support a healthy lifestyle and an active training regime. In addition to its use in foods, it also has lots of uses for skin and beauty. An ideal ingredient in lots of tiger nut recipes!   

To enter, just tell Yumbles what kind of dish you would prepare with the ingredients in the prize bundle! Leave a comment with the name of your dish below, or on one of their social media posts (find Yumbles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). 

To help you along I thought I’d share what I created with the ingredients from this bundle.

These cute little hearts are easy to make and the recipe will also give you a glass of tiger nut milk which is delicious and nutritious. The mix of chocolate, juicy cherries and port give the hearts an indulgent Black Forest Gateaux taste but without the calories! These really are such an amazing healthy treat, which are sugar free, dairy free, vegan, paleo friendly and delicious,  perfect to share with a loved one! 


¾ large glass, or 115g Premium Peeled Tiger Nuts
1 glass or 250 mls water
pinch of cinnamon
2 teaspoons raw cacao
1 tablespoon raw cacao nibs
6 frozen cherries
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 generous tablespoon port or cherry brandy
raw cacao powder for dusting

Blend the tiger nuts, water and cinnamon until reduced to a pulp
Strain using a nut milk bag or some muslin. You’ll now have some tiger nut milk to drink!
Next process the pulp with the remaining ingredients until just mixed leaving some texture to the mix.
Use a mould to form into heart shapes or alternatively shape into balls. If making balls there’s no need to freeze
Pop into freezer for 20 minutes.
Take out and dust with raw cacao powder, or leave some plain and allow to thaw slightly before serving.
These will keep well in a fridge for up to 3 days.

Note: You might see the milk separate into liquid and solids, but don’t worry just give it a shake. This is caused by high level of resistant starch in the concentrated tiger nut milk in this recipe.