Summer is here at last!

We hope you are enjoying the hot and sunny weather we are having – we know we are, and we know how hard it can be to stay cool!  But is nothing better on a hot day than some tiger nut ‘nice’ cream to cool things down a bit!

For those of you who don’t know what ‘nice’ cream is, it is simply ice cream made by blending lovely healthy ingredients and freezing – it’s a bit like a creamy frozen smoothie!

…and I’m so excited about my idea of using my favourite delicious @apesnacks coconut bites as mini wafers!! Food should taste good and do you good so I packed lots of superfood goodness into this too. This recipe is seriously easy, has no added sugar, and is great for your gut health as it’s high in prebiotic fibre too.

1 can coconut milk
1/2 banana
fresh cherries
@otesuperfoods maca, and guarana powders
2 tbs tiger nut powder.
1 tsp @therawchocolatecompany cacao powder.
6 cashews


Simply blend and freeze. Stir once when semi frozen to evenly distribute cherries.
Scoop into a bowl and serve. I topped mine with some of our yummy Tiger Nut Crunch, coconut bites and a few flowers for fun!

For those of you who prefer a more traditional ice cream recipe, we have found a lovely Paleo Tigernut Coconut Ice Cream recipe here from Terra Firma Foods (pictured above).

Have a great summer!

x x x