Prevention and Cure!

At last it is starting to feel crisp and festive… ’tis the season for … coughs, colds and stomach bugs!  There are a quite few bugs around at the moment, and so I’m starting the mornings with some of my very special,  preventative medicinal juice shots!

They are so easy to do , and really do work.  They work as a great preventative, and prevention is better than a cure! But if you find yourself coming down with a bug, juice shots can can work near miracles in super fast time!  To make these you will need a proper juicer, a blender won’t work, although you could use a citrus press for the lemon juice and grate some fresh ginger if you don’t have a juicer. If you are new to juicing Charlotte Harding from The Daily Mail online today explains some of the important health benefits of juicing.  You can also find lots of information, great service  and a comprehensive range of juicers here at

There are no hard and fast rules with juice shots. They usually start with lemon, lime or another citrus fruit and then you can just add whatever you like – although as they are pretty strong stuff its generally better to down them in one rather than sip. I like to take mine in the morning on an empty stomach as that way you can more easily absorb the goodness.

This juice is one that packs a pretty powerful punch…I made it by juicing  a whole lemon and a lot of ginger. I added sea buckthorn powder which is also known as the miracle berry as it is packed with too many health benefits and nutrients to mention! I added  a pinch of our tiger nut powder which is high in prebiotics for strengthening the gut, cayenne pepper which is a great digestive stimulant, echinacea drops to  boost to the immune system and also can reduce many of the symptoms of colds, flu and other infections, and I then topped it with some  bee pollen which is pretty but also a powerful immune system booster. The juice of 1 and a bit lemons made enough for two shots. Although best made fresh  you can make up a small jar of this in advance and keep it in the  fridge for up to 3 days, ready to give your family a quick boost before breakfast.