Pistachio Chocolate Truffles

When it comes to gut health it’s no secret that Eve Kalinik is our favourite gut health guru! Eve is a nutritionist with a passion for gut health, nutrition and healthy, eating, and with a passion for tiger nuts!

It is fibre that crucially helps to feed our microbiome to keep it healthy and thriving and to make sure things move along regularly and smoothly. The special prebiotic fibre called resistant starch, in tiger nuts, feeds your gut bacteria and help boost your gut health. Eve says our tiger nuts ” are wonderful… pre-peeled for a handy snack or even in a powder/flour form like the stuff I’ve used in my recipe above. You can also add this to porridge oats, birchers and make into breads and other baked goodies”.

Eve’s philosophy is no quick fixes, fads, rules, detoxes or diets but rather a balanced and functional approach that supports the gut and the body on a deeper level to increase vitality and a consistent feeling of well being. Most importantly though, not forgetting the importance of wholeheartedly enjoying the process of eating.  Eve’s recipes are easy to make and super delicious, and her new tiger nut recipe this month is no exception!

You will find the full recipe on Eve’s site Pistachio, Chocolate Truffles Recipe 

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