Paleo, plant based and healthy eating!

There is a lot of conflicting advice on healthy eating at the moment. Many of the food facts we have been taught for many years are now being proven wrong, and the growing number of diets such as paleo, Auto Immune Protocol, low FODMAP, clean eating is enough to leave anyone feeling confused – so what should we be eating?

We know that everyone is different, and what might suit one person might not suit another. An easy rule to follow though is the less processed the food, the better for you it is likely to be. Processed food lacks minerals and vitamins, and even worse can contain artificial preservatives, colourings and other ingredients that our bodies find hard to cope with. Eating food that is nutrient poor can actually leave you feeling hungry, or craving food because your body isn’t satisfied. Eating food that is nutrient dense, i.e full of goodness, with simple unprocessed ingredients will leave you feeling satisfied and glowing with health and energy.

So what is the Paleo diet?  Quite simply it is based on eating the types of food that our ancestors ate.  Switching to paleo can be easier than you think, this beginner’s  guide from Healthy Perspectives  shows you how.

Although some people question whether eating in this way can be good for you,  there is growing evidence to show that eating a paleo diet can have a dramatic effect on health, weight and wellbeing. Anna McGee explains that although weight loss is one of the benefits of a paleo diet,  more importantly, it’s given her huge reserves of energy.

But not everyone wants to eat meat – and choosing a vegan, or more plant-based diet can also have huge benefits for health.  Deliciously Ella  is all about celebrating what you can do with delicious, plant-based ingredients. Her recipes are vegetarian, wheat and refined sugar-free. Her recipes are not about diet or deprivation,  and all her recipes can easily be adapted to suit you. 

So why Tiger Nuts? Tiger nuts are suitable for anyone following a paleo, low FODMAP, vegan, gluten free, AIP, plant-based, gut health, whole food or weight loss diet. In fact, we haven’t yet found a diet that tiger nuts are not suitable for! That is because tiger nuts are an original, primal food – one that Oxford University researchers have shown that our caveman ancestors thrived on!

But more importantly for us, tiger nuts are seriously versatile and taste amazing! This is great for anyone following a specific diet  and great for anyone who isn’t too!

We spend a lot if our time creating new recipes and generally being a bit obsessed with this delicious little superfood.

You’ll find lots of ideas and recipes here and on our Instagram pages to inspire you – such as these delicious gluten free, no sugar biscuits 0r this gorgeous tiger nut breakfast bowl.  But we love to hear about how you love to eat your tiger nuts, so if you have a favourite recipe or something that you have created get in touch and let us know!


With lots of #tigernutlove

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