Our Recipe Winner is Tiger Nut Pizza!

Wow – thank you to everyone who joined in the fun on World Tiger Nut Day! We had lots of entries and the competition was fierce, but we felt that this recipe by Donna from eighty20nutrition was a clear winner for style and originality! It is also gluten-free and healthy!  We also chose this because it is the best tiger nut pizza base recipe we have tried,  it’s easy to make and you can use any toppings you fancy.  Huge congratulations to Donna for such an amazing recipe. You can see the winning entry from Instagram below;

Tiger nuts are an amazing superfood which can be eaten raw, cooked and also enjoyed as a delicious drink. Tiger nuts taste delicious and are seriously good for you ! They are…

FODMAP Friendly
Gluten free
High in prebiotics
More iron (gram for gram) than red meat.
High in fibre
High in magnesium
High in vitamins E and C
High in Oleic acid (good fats found in Olive Oil & Avocado
Tiger Nut Flour Pizza Recipe
In a food processor, mix together
2 1/4 cups of tiger nut flour
1/4 cup cassava flour
1 egg
1Tbsp gelatin
1/4 cup warm water (more if needed)
Pinch of herbal salt or garlic granules
Blend together until a ball forms in the food processor, remove the ball and scrape out the remains and roll them into a large ball in your hand.

Grease two sheets of baking paper with coconut/evoo and roll the ball into a pizza shape.

Brush the entire dough with more oil.

Bake at the hottest temp your oven can handle (mine was 300C) for about 10 min or until crisp

Then add topping and bake until toppings have melted!!

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