Meet Phoebe our resident nutritionist!

We are so excited to announce that we now have a resident nutritionist!  We are so pleased to welcome Phoebe Liebling to The Tiger Nut Company team. Phoebe is a Nutritional Therapist and recipe developer who is passionate about nutrition,  delicious tasting food, and tiger nuts!  She has an extensive knowledge of the use of nutritional and lifestyle guidance as a therapeutic tool.

Phoebe  is now working with us to provide you with incredible recipes and health-related articles, but more importantly, she is on hand to help answer your nutrition based questions.

A few words from  Phoebe…

As a Nutritional Therapist I firmly believe in the therapeutic nature of food, and how the choices we make in terms of our diets have the potential power either to heal or to hurt us. The other defining characteristic of the form of nutrition I practise is that it stretches far beyond what we actually have on our plates, but also considers how this then goes on to affect our bodies as a whole, in addition to how our lifestyle choices and environment will also impact our health and wellbeing.

Hand in hand with this is an absolute adoration of all things edible, to say I’m a passionate foodie would probably underestimate it! So in a beautiful symbiosis when I am not in clinic you can find me in the kitchen, developing recipes, experimenting with new ingredients, and cooking methods to show how easy adopting a more healthful approach to food can be.

Personally, I follow both a gluten and dairy free diet which tiger nuts naturally fit into beautifully, but the fact they are also grain and nut free makes them an absolute game changer for many people with other food allergies. For any of you who have/know someone with a nut allergy, or need/want to avoid grains, it can be quite hard to do this and be a vegetarian or vegan as most natural alternatives will be nut and/or based. I also see many parents who say they struggle to find healthy, balanced snacks for their kids as a lot of schools will not allow nuts due to the potential for cross-contamination leading to allergic reactions in other students. Opting for tiger nut flour in the place of ground almonds for baked goods, or tiger nut milk to naturally sweeten smoothies, can be an incredibly simple way to get around this, with the added bonus of tiger nuts amazing nutritional benefits plus they taste grrreeat!!

If you have a specific question about health, nutrition and tiger nuts you can email Phoebe here at  , and you will now be able to read Phoebe’s  nutritional advice and answers to your questions as well as find her amazing recipes right here in her new regular monthly blog posts!

You can find out more about  Phoebe’s clinical work on her website below, and for endless culinary inspiration have a look at her Instagram page ?

Website address –

Instagram – @_naturalnourishment

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