It’s official- our Raw Energy Balls are Beach, Pool and Travel friendly!

We wanted to test our raw energy balls as a holiday snack so we went to Ibiza (where else?!) for a bit of vitamin sea.  Ani needs to eat gluten free, and it isn’t always easy to have a healthy, gluten free snack when travelling.

We took them on the plane, (shared them with a stewardess) on the beach, to the bar (discovered that ginger and date is great with a G&T), back to the beach, to the pool, and back again on the plane – and they stayed FRESH and  PERFECT!

No melting no crumbling and no sweating. Even when things get hot our balls stay fresh and tasty.

So with absolute confidence we can now say these are a PERFECT, healthy and delicious  on the go, holiday, travel and beach snack.  They are just £2.99 for a bag, or 3 bags for £8.

Wherever you are going this summer, make sure you pack a couple of bags in your suit case and travel bags, grab your here .

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