Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts 

We are very  excited to have a guest blog today by  the lovely Maja Tisma, the editor-in-chief at  Maja is an expert on health and beauty, and is now also a huge fan of our tiger nuts!

Even though tiger nuts are everything but nuts, their name is probably due to their shape and size and the fact that they have stripes on them.  Did you know that tiger nuts are not only among the oldest foods on this planet but also among the healthiest. These so-called nuts are practically the tuberous rhizomes of sedge grass, an herbaceous plant that has been cultivated since the beginning of time. So yes, we are talking more about the roots of a plant, similar to potatoes, harvested from the ground once the grass has been cut. The ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and Native Americans, were very well aware of the nutritional value of tiger nuts and they enjoyed their flavor that resembles both coconut and almonds. You can eat tiger nuts in a variety of ways and they have numerous health benefits, which is why you should definitely consider including them into your diet. So here is a list of jsut some of their health benefits.

  • They are a great source of fibre

We all know that a diet rich in fibre is more than welcome because it keeps a variety of health problems at bay. Consuming foods with high fiber content helps us maintain a balanced body weight, helps digestion, keeps our colon free of toxins, protects against obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and helps protect against gastrointestinal illnesses.

  • They can be made into milk which is perfect for anyone with lactose intolerance

Just like almonds, you can prepare milk from tiger nuts and enjoy it, ideal if you are avoiding dairy and lactose.  Tiger nuts do not contain lactose at all, and are also a great source of calcium, phosphorus, proteins, healthy fats, and oleic acid. Also, it was found that yogurt made out of a combination of cow’s milk with tiger nuts milk is more nutritious than yogurt made entirely out of cow’s milk.

  • They provide a lot of magnesium

We need magnesium to work every single day, the lack of magnesium in the organism triggering fatigue, irritability, nervousness, and the inability to focus. So we need magnesium not just to keep our brain and nerves functioning well, but also to enjoy a strong immune system, stronger bones, and healthy levels of blood pressure and blood sugar.

  • They can help protect the body from cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Vitamin E is known for being a potent antioxidant and tiger nuts have high levels of vitamin E. Antioxidants keep free-radicals from harming our organism. Also, vitamin E in combination with oleic acid, two components that can both be found in tiger nuts, can help keep the heart safe from any cardiovascular diseases.

  • A great source of potassium

Just as much as we need magnesium, we need potassium as well, for the proper functioning of our organs and cells. Potassium is known to regulate the contraction of muscles, which also means that it helps with our digestion, it lowers blood pressure, and helps maintain a proper health of the bones. A study even showed that a potassium-rich diet can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis in the case of women.

The truth is that a healthy diet doesn’t just mean a healthy body, but also a beautiful one. Consuming foods rich in precious nutrients means beautiful skin and hair. Adopting a healthy diet for hair is not difficult at all, requiring just following a few steps, the result being gorgeous and healthy hair you will simply adore.

Maja Tisma writes about hair, beauty, health, natural remedies, and sustainable living. You can also find her work in Huffingtonpost, Sheknows, Lifehack, and WorkingMother.