Happy Birthday to us!

Wow that went quickly!! Can you believe we are 2 years old today?!!

Check out our little video here  —–>   IMG_0326

We started with three products, and just a few boxes of each stored at home in our spare room. We have grown and now have a whole range of delicious tiger nut products, all with our lovely new look labels and all now with barcodes, all stored and dispatched  from a warehouse! It’s been a ton of hard work, a lot of learning and tons of fun!

Our new labels are up on the website now, and are being rolled out on most bags from this week. We’d love to hear what you think of them. You’ll see that we haven’t changed much – because we LOVE our brand as it is! To make it easier for everyone and to make our packs more retail friendly we have  included  more information and a lovely tiger nut recipe on the back of each label. We also updated our colour scheme a little, and changed the colour of our logo,  and you’ll now see it on the cards that we attach to our lovely Chufa de Valencia. 

You’ll also notice that we have changed the name of our Tiger Nuts Organic to Tiger Nuts Original – exactly the same product just a new name. This is because we found it was confusing for everyone to call one product organic when all of our tiger  nuts are organic. 

We have also at launched our lovely new  Tiger Nuts Crunch this week! 

Our new Tiger Nuts Crunch is amazing, all organic, raw, delicious and as full of goodness as all of our tiger nuts, but in teeny tiny crunchilicious pieces!  It is perfect for sprinkling on top of smoothies, yogurt, soups, salad and even my earlier rainbow toast! We absolutely LOVE it and we think you will too!!

To celebrate our Birthday we will   send a free bag of our new Tiger Nut Crunch to the best tiger nut recipe post this week (UK only) – You can post on  Instagram, Facebook or Twitter , just use #tigernutlove and don’t forget to tag us in your post!  Or if you prefer you can simply email your recipe and pic to us here at info@thetigernutcompany.co.uk