Guess what’s in Primal Snack boxes this month!

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We are very excited to be making an appearance in not one, but TWO of the Primal Snack boxes this month! The Primal Snack boxes have been seen and eaten in all the best places such as Vogue, Red and LOOK magazine, and once you have had a box you will soon see why! The Primal Snack boxes  are the first paleo snack boxes in the UK. There are a range of boxes, and each is full of healthy, gluten free, diary free and unrefined nutritious snacks. Ideal for those of you  having a healthy or detoxing January – and also ideal if you aren’t! You’ll find our delicious cacao dusted tiger nut nestling in their boxes alongside lots of other healthy and  nutritious goodies.

You’ll find us in the Savannah, which has a carefully selected range of dried meat, fruit and raw food snacks. You’ll also find us in the Forest box, which  if you prefer not to eat meat is their vegan friendly version which is packed full of goodies!

If you haven’t yet tasted our cacao dusted tiger nuts- which are fast developing a cult following (just kidding 😉 !!) hurry up and order your box now before they are all gone!