Easy Pea-sea Soup

I am so stupidly excited about this soup! I created it when I was on a 3 day juice detox. Sometimes when on a juice detox I crave something warming and so will often knock up a quick soup or a warm vegetable smoothie.  This one is so tasty and so good for and ready in minutes. Its also the first time I used Tiger Nuts in a soup, and it worked really well!

But if I am honest, I am mostly excited because I made look exactly like the sea! The Tiger Nuts Milled mixed with the seaweed looks just like sand, making a sandy rockpool in the bowl. The slightly salty seaweed even made me feel like I was by the sea. I had fun playing with my soup. Childish joy – food for my soul as well as my belly!

IMG_3870To make this take a large mug of frozen peas, a thick slice of onion, half a garlic clove and put in a small pan with hot water – enough to cover the peas and a bit more. Add a little salt and cook for a couple of minutes. Add 1 tablespoon of Tiger Nuts Milled and blend – a hand held immersion one will work best if you have one, otherwise a blender will work too. Add a tablespoon or two of seaweed, I used  Sea Salad and Sea Greens from the http://cornishseaweedcompany.co.uk/.

Then pour the soup (or is it a warm smoothie?) into a bowl and play with decorating, adding more seaweed and Tiger Nuts Milled to make yourself a little bit of ocean in a bowl !