Easy Pea-sea Soup

Easy pea-sy Sea Soup!
This is really a repost of  my favorite soup, which I get so stupidly excited about! When I need something quick and warming  I like to knock up a quick soup or a warm veg smoothie. This one is so tasty and so good for you and is ready in minutes. It’s also the first time I used Tiger Nut Flour  in soup, and it worked really well.

But if I’m honest, I’m mostly excited because it looks EXACTLY like the sea ! The Tiger Nuts Flour mixed with the seaweed looked just like sand, and the slightly salty seaweed made me feel like I was by the sea.  Childish joy – food for my soul as well as my belly! ☀️

To make this take a large mug of peas, a thick slice of onion and half a garlic clove and put in a small pan with water ( cover the peas plus a bit more) and a little salt and cook for a few minutes. Add 1 tbsp Tiger Nuts Flour and blend – an immersion hand held one does work better for this if you have one.

Add in a tablespoon or two of seaweed, this will quickly soften. I used Sea Salad and Sea Greens from the Cornish Seaweed Company.  Pour the soup (or is it a warm smoothie?!) into a bowl and then play with decorating adding seaweed and more Tiger Nuts Flour to make yourself a little bit of ocean in a bowl!

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