Creamy Dairy Free Pesto Pasta Sauce

Oooh we love this!!  It’s one of the amazing entries for the World Tiger Nut Day recipe competition. We all thought this was such a creative idea – I wish I’d  thought of it myself!

It  is a creamy dairy free, vegan pesto sauce made using our pure tiger nut milk, what a great idea! The recipe was posted by Anna from Be Free With Anna on Instagram, Anna is actually a nutritionist and you can find lots of information, health tips, articles on the latest health topics as well as healthy recipes on her Instagram page or on her website here 

This recipe is great – such a creamy and delicious sauce that is  perfect for pasta!

Tiger Nut Pesto Sauce

1) Spinach
2)  Olive oil
3)  Tiger Nut Milk 
4) Garlic, salt, pepper
5) Greek cheese (I used VioLife dairy free)
6) Pine nuts
7) Spaghetti
8) Tamari roasted soya beans (I used Clear Spring)


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