Competition Winner at Vegfest!

We had  such an amazing time at VegFest this month! We met lots of lovely people who tasted lots of our lovely tiger nuts on our stand. I made lots of fresh horchata, and we introduced lots of people to the goodness and taste of tiger nuts.  img_8605We gave away lots of samples of our new unsweetened tiger nut milk which was a huge hit, and most exciting for us we launched, our new and very delicious, healthy Raw Chocolate and Tiger Nut Bar!

We wanted to make a chocolate bar that is healthy and tastes great, and we managed to make one that is actually good for you!  Our bar is made with raw cacao, and keeping it raw means keeping the nutrients alive and intact. Raw cacao is said to help create a feeling of happiness, and also can help balance hormonal mood swings, help you look younger and amazingly help with appetite control!

Our chocolate bar is raw and chunky made with 80% raw cacao which gives it a real chocolate taste, and it is made without any refined sugar! It is sweetened with  date extract and lucuma, which is a South American superfruit packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Lucuma has a super low Glycemic index meaning it’s a great (and oh-so-healthy) sweetener. It is said to be able to help stabilise blood sugar, boost your immune system while also curbing cravings and appetite A study by Rutgers University also found that lucuma extract had an anti-inflammatory effect on wound healing and skin ageing.

It is topped with gorgeous chunks of chopped tiger nuts, adding fibre, prebiotics and a nutty taste, a generous helping of nut free nuttiness! You will find our new bars available now on our site, and also in all of our Christmas Gift packs (I know its a bit early, but…Christmas is coming!)

img_8604Our bars are a perfect treat for anyone following a vegan, paleo, nut free, dairy free, gluten free  or clean eating site – and also for anyone who isn’t!  Our raw chocolate and tiger nut bars are truly delicious, but I do feel its fair to warn you that you may find them slightly addictive!  But as these bars are packed with only goo dthings they are truly guilt free –  who knew that eating chocolate could be so good for you?!

Our lucky competition winner was an Instagram blogger @honestveganfood, and amazingly as she is based in London she was able to come and collect her chocolate bar from us in person at VegFest. Congratulations!