Colchester Vegan Fair Saturday 1st August

Our stand at the Colchester Vegan Fair last week! We had a great day and met lots of lovely people, i fact one  food blogger came miles especially to taste our tiger nuts! Our free samples went down a treat – lots of people tasted soaked tiger nuts organic and our premium peeled. Everyone was amazed at how tasty and how versatile tiger nuts are. I got busy the night before so we had free fresh horchata, delicious raw blueberry muffin bites made from the leftover pulp (I’m going to post the recipe soon as they were sooo yummy)  tiger nut hob nobs (recipe from clever Susan at, raw tiger nut cookie dough bites ( invented when I tasted the raw hob nob dough!), and cherry chocolate tiger nut smoothie.

It was our first time running a stall and it was great to be able to show how versatile tiger nuts are, and to let people find out how amazing they taste. We sold out of our Organic stock on the day, and had lots of requests from people who wanted to buy horchata ( we may have some exciting news on this soon ! ) . We also managed to do a little bit of instant market research and asked people who tasted horchata to place their empties in a box with a smiley face if they liked it and a sad face if they didn’t. The smiley face box won hand down!

If you didn’t get to visit us you can come and see us at at the end of the month at the Free From Festival,  The Boiler House, Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane on the 31st of August, Monday Bank Holiday from 10.30AM until 6.30PM. Hope to see you there 🙂 IMG_4332IMG_4338