Chufamix Special Offer!

Drinking non-dairy milk is a healthy and a cruelty-free choice for many people – and of the milk alternatives, Tiger Nut Mylk is the most delicious! But Tiger Nut Mylk is also one of the healthiest – did you know that tiger nut mylk has been proven to help reduce cholesterol?   

We first discovered the amazing Chufamix 3 years ago and once we tried it we fell in love with it! The Chufamix was designed in Spain by a Tiger Nut Mylk lover so he could easily make the most perfect Tiger Nut Mylk at home!  We were the first to bring it to the UK and have been selling them ever since.



And don’t forget making fresh mylks means that you will have lots of left over nutritious pulp or meal to eat.

The Chufamix is also brilliant at making all types of nut and seed mylks like coconut, hemp, sesame and hazelnut. Or why not get creative with some delicious tiger nut and chestnut mylk?

To help you get healthier,  and to celebrate World Vegan Month we are giving £2.00 off our amazing Chufamix – PLUS a £2.00 voucher with any purchase 1kg bag of Tiger Nuts when bought together!

Happy mylk making!!

(ps, I do know that this is a conker and not a chestnut but I just love this picture!)