Authentic House Eco-Friendly Box

We LOVE Authentic House! Created by Alice Ojeda, Authentic House is an eco-friendly, zero waste, ethical subscription box of goodies. We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet, so we were super chuffed to have been invited to collaborate with Authentic House for their April box.

Authentic House came about when Alice started researching what we could do at home to look after the planet. She soon realised that ethical living wasn’t all solar panels and living off-grid. A lot of it is in the small stuff – our everyday decisions.

It started with a fuzzy brush she found, made of coconut palm, for washing dishes. It looked great, and it could also help reduce plastic and microplastic waste. Alice thought – if more people were aware of the options, who wouldn’t want to choose eco-friendly alternatives like these?

Alice sources ethical and eco-friendly products and shares her inspiration to help people lower their impact on the planet with a focus is on the small steps we can take that add up to collective change – fuzzy brushes, soap nuts, and plastic-free haircare. Each month’s box is about a different aspect of life, from the kitchen to the workplace, to encourage us to rethink our everyday decisions for the better.

What we really like is that with Authentic House you can subscribe to their monthly box, or you can build your own box of eco-friendly products, all packed into a signature box with fabric wrapping and ribbon to make a unique gift.

We love working with small passionate companies and lovely people who care about what they do. So we created a brilliant little tiger nut milk making kit, packed in paper especially for the Authentic House April boxes. We also included a new recipe for using the leftover tiger nut pulp to encourage people towards zero waste – you can see what Alice made in the next blog post., and you can also see how she made them on the Authentic House IGTV channel right here 

We know that the boxes have all sold out – but if you are interested make sure you do sign up to Authentic House’s newsletter as we think she will be doing something special again really soon.



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