Amazing Cold Brew Tiger Nut Latte!

We were lucky enough to come across an amazing new product recently, cold brew coffee from Raw Grind, an exciting new brand based in Essex. Coffee that is cold brewed not only tastes amazing (no bitter taste) , but is also actually good for you (who knew coffee could be good for you?!) as it retains all of the goodness and anti-oxidants of the raw bean.

We had a play and together they are a match made in heaven! The natural sweetness of tiger nut milk, and the lack of bitterness in the cold brew makes a coffee you can drink without adding sugar! This is perfect for people who are trying to cut down or even cut out sugar and processed drinks. It’s also ideal for vegans or lactose intolerant as the coffee is dairy free.

You can add tiger nut milk to the cold brew and make a delicious tiger nut latte. I actually soaked my tiger nuts overnight in the Raw Grind Naked Cold Brew (using 200g tiger nuts to 800mls coffee). Then just blend, strain, warm gently  and top with raw cacao for the most amazing,  healthy, tiger nut chocochino!

You’ll find Raw Grind Cold Brew here