6 great ways to enjoy our tiger nuts!

We are very excited to have a second guest blog today from the lovely Maja Tisma, the editor-in-chief at ShampooTruth.com.  Maja is an expert on health and beauty, and is now also a huge fan of our tiger nuts!

You can eat tiger nuts in a variety of ways and they bring numerous health and beauty benefits, which is why you should definitely include them into your diet.  You can eat and drink tiger nuts in a variety of ways. They can be consumed fresh, as they are, or used in cooking, baking or even made into milk. So you can see Tiger Nuts are very versatile and can become a part of a wide range of foods you can prepare at home with ease. Just take a look at the following ideas to see how you can enjoy tiger nuts as part of yor every day diet.

  1. Just eat them whole

If you need a healthy snack, you can always turn to tiger nuts. You can easily eat them as they are, finding them in peeled or unpeeled versions. It is worth noting that unpeeled tiger nuts can be harder, as the peeled ones are softer. You can also soften them up if you soak them in water for about 2 hours prior to eating them.

  1. Make milk out of them

Tiger nut milk is extremely healthy and nutritious and you can easily prepare it at home. Just pre-soak your tiger nuts in water overnight and blend them the next day, using 2 cups of water for 1 cup of tiger nuts. For extra flavour and taste, add a vanilla bean to the mixture and you’ll simply love this milk.

  1. Make tiger nuts flour

You can use tiger nuts flour for making cookies, pancakes, even bread, and other homemade goodies. In baking it behaves pretty much like almond flour, giving a nice degree of moisture. Also, because tiger nuts flour is naturally slightly sweet, there’s no need to add any sugar to recipes


  1. Enjoy tiger nuts ice-cream

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? With the help of tiger nuts, you can prepare healthy vegan ice-cream for your entire family at home. You probably know that ice-cream that lacks dairy ingredients is not that creamy, due to the lack of fatty content. But, as tiger nut milk is generous when it comes to healthy fats content, so its creamy taste is a perfect base for your healthy homemade ice-cream . You will find a brilliant recipe here from Rachel on The Cupboard blog, see their lovely image right here!


  1. Make them part of your breakfast

Tiger nuts are extremely nourishing and will provide plenty of energy to help you start the day. You can add tiger nuts to your smoothie and yogurt, as part of your favorite cereals, into your porridge or even overnight oats. You will love the taste and enjoy the feeling of a full stomach for a longer period.

  1. Prepare tiger nuts energy bites

Simply soak 1 cup of tiger nuts in water, in the fridge for 12 hours and drain them well the next day. Then process with 1 cup of pitted dates and a 1/4   cup of cacao powder, to create a delicious dough to make raw energy bites. Just make small balls and roll in cacao powder and chill for 1 hour before eating them.

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