Tarty Tiger Berry Treats

These Tarty Tiger Berry Treats are a clever way to use the nutritious tiger nut pulp left over from making tiger nut milk! You’ll find our favourite tiger nut milk recipe here Best Ever Creamy Horchata Recipe.

They are tarty because they are made using golden berries* which have a sweet/tart flavour, giving these treats a sharp citrus taste, and ‘tarty’ because they are over-made-up with cinnamon-flavoured raw cacao powder! Created by the lovely Chris from  Pears not Parsnips  , which is a new healthy eating and juicing blog – we think this recipe is brilliant! You’ll find the full recipe on her blog along with the ‘We are Golden’, Mika video , very witty!! 

1 cup tiger nut pulp
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 Cup @therawchocolatecompany Goji Berries and Golden Berries in a ratio of 2:1 moistened with water
1 Tsp Coconut Oil or Cacao Butter
Raw Cacao Powder mixed with sprinkling of Cinnamon for dusting.
Process all ingredients except Cacao Powder until it is blended enough to stick together when pressed.
Shape into balls. Cover in Cacao and Cinnamon Powder.
Refrigerate for a while then enjoy!