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Paleo, plant based and healthy eating!

June 24th, 2017|0 Comments

There is a lot of conflicting advice on healthy eating at the moment. Many of the food facts we have been taught for many years are now being proven wrong, and the growing number of […]

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Sarah’s baked tiger nut doughnuts!

June 12th, 2017|0 Comments

This is one of my favourite recipe developed for us by a lovely friend Sarah, who is a very clever baker! Which to be honest I had forgotten about until she kindly bought some around […]

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Happy Birthday to us!

April 18th, 2017|0 Comments

Wow that went quickly!! Can you believe we are 2 years old today?!!

Check out our little video here  —–>   IMG_0326

We started with three products, and just a few boxes of each stored at home in our […]

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Tiger Nut Healthy Hair Smoothie!

April 14th, 2017|0 Comments


Tiger nuts have so many amazing nutritional and health benefits, but did you know that they can help give your hair a boost too? Will Hartfield  from  Hair Loss Revolution  who blogs and researches  hair health […]

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Dr.Axe on the health benefits of Tiger Nuts!

March 19th, 2017|0 Comments

We were so excited to see what Dr.Josh Axe has to say about tiger nuts, and pleased to find out that he is clearly a fan!

Dr. Josh Axe is a wellness an health expert, an […]

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Can biscuits be healthy, glutenfree AND taste good? YES!!

March 19th, 2017|0 Comments

We love how healthy and delicious tiger nuts are, but not everyone realises that tiger nut flour is so delicious, healthy and versatile! Tiger nut flour  makes the most delicious cakes and biscuits, and although you […]

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Happy Pancake Day!

February 28th, 2017|0 Comments

Is there anyone who doesn’t LOVE pancakes?!  But pancakes  don’t need to be full of sugar to be delicious, and they can still be delicious when they are gluten free, vegan, and without added sugar!   But […]

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Leitchy’s Lovely Gluten Free Bread !

February 19th, 2017|0 Comments

We have been so busy lately here at Tiger Nut Co that I haven’t had much time for developing new recipes. But luckily for us there are lots of lovely bloggers out there who are discovering how […]

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Exciting news!

January 28th, 2017|0 Comments

We have been working really hard for the last couple of months on two exciting new projects. The first is the development of our labels. When we started we had absolutely no experience of labels […]

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Fare Healthy Workshop!

January 28th, 2017|0 Comments

We are bursting with excitement for Fare Healthy at The Truman Brewery next month! It is the coolest feel good festival of food, exercise and wellbeing – and we are chuffed to bits to be part […]

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Spreading the #tigernutlove!

January 4th, 2017|0 Comments

We are very chuffed and a little bit excited about how much and how far our #tigernutlove  is spreading! This month we are  featured in Waitrose Weekend magazine , how exciting is that! Waitrose have […]

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Happy Gut, Happy Life!

January 4th, 2017|0 Comments

We welcome the growing trend in 2017  for all things gut health!  Scientific understanding of the importance of gut health on our overall physical , mental and emotional wellbeing is really in its infancy. Research […]

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It’s a Tiger Nut Christmas… ho ho ho!

December 14th, 2016|0 Comments

We are feeling very festive! We have worked very hard this year to bring you a great range of gifts, and just because its Christmas we made sure each of our Christmas gifts includes one […]

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Prevention and Cure!

November 25th, 2016|0 Comments

At last it is starting to feel crisp and festive… ’tis the season for … coughs, colds and stomach bugs!  There are a quite few bugs around at the moment, and so I’m starting the […]

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Black Friday Discount!

November 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Its Black Friday and you can grab some brilliant bargains from the lovely people at The Food Market  who are offering 15% off everything!

If you are quick you can  bag some of our gorgeous Christmas gifts all […]

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Daily Mail Reveal Tiger Nut health trend!

November 17th, 2016|0 Comments

The clever people at the Daily Mail have revealed next years health and food trends, and one of those tipped to be a hot trend is Tiger Nut Flour!
According to Femail journalist  Unity Blott, leading nutritionists […]

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See us Foodies Festival, Brick Lane this weekend!

November 15th, 2016|0 Comments

Join us at The Old Truman Brewery London on 18, 19, 20 November for some tiger nut goodies and some festive fun !

Come along and join us  if you can…we will have lots of tiger […]

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Gorgeous Gluten Free Florentine recipe!

November 6th, 2016|0 Comments

We are really happy to bring you a guest post by Emma Carter, from the brilliant new blog The Nourished Coeliac. Emma has created some of the most exciting tiger nut recipes we have ever […]

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Competition Winner at Vegfest!

October 31st, 2016|0 Comments

We had  such an amazing time at VegFest this month! We met lots of lovely people who tasted lots of our lovely tiger nuts on our stand. I made lots of fresh horchata, and we introduced […]

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Friday Fun Competition!

October 21st, 2016|0 Comments

We are always looking for new ways to get some tiger nut goodness, and this weekend we are launching another super delicious tiger nut product on Sunday at #vegfestlondon!
If you can guess what it from […]

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See us at VegFest London this Sunday!

October 21st, 2016|0 Comments

We are so excited to be at VegFest London for the very first time!
We are there for one day only on Sunday 23rd October and will have lots of lovely tiger nut goodies!  We will be […]

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The small but mighty superfood that’s set for big things…

October 1st, 2016|0 Comments

We were so excited to see what nutritional therapist, writer and columnist Eve Kalinik had to say about our tiger nuts in an interview  in the exciting on-line magazine Get the Gloss this month!

One of the […]

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Delicious Gluten Free Gingerbread Biscuits!

September 30th, 2016|0 Comments

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it come some lovely autumnal recipes. We have just discovered  The Nourished Coeliac  which is an amazing new blog by the brilliant Emma Carter.  Emma started her blog just […]

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Trekstock – our charity of the year!

September 20th, 2016|0 Comments

We are so happy to  support Trekstock as our chosen charity of the year.We think it is really important to give a little where we can and to support causes that are close to our […]

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The Food Market

September 11th, 2016|0 Comments

We are so excited to have teamed up with the lovely people at The Food Market.  At The Food Market you will discover amazing natural and organic food,  hand picked from independent food producers.  They are […]

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Delicious Blackberry Crumble Bars!

August 29th, 2016|0 Comments

This is such a gorgeous seasonal recipe that I just had to post it here for you all this week!  It was created for us by the very lovely Samantha Hadadi, a health and fitness journalist and blogger, […]

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Making Tiger Nut Milk with a Chufamix!

July 30th, 2016|0 Comments

We get asked such a lot of questions about tiger nut milk, and find that people can be  nervous about making their own home made tiger nut milk, or think it takes a lot of time […]

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Superfoods:The Real Story of Tiger Nuts! C4 Monday 1st August

July 29th, 2016|0 Comments

Salmon, Tiger Nuts and Dandelions are the hot topics of Episode 6 of Channel 4’s fascinating series that investigates the health benefits of superfoods next Monday. Kate Quilton has been busy finding out about a wide […]

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Find us in the brilliant July Sourced Box boxes!

July 26th, 2016|0 Comments

We are so pleased to have been featured in the amazing Sourced Box boxes this month! Sourced Box are a monthly subscription box choose the best healthy, great tasting snacks for you that are full of […]

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NEW Naked launch at Essex Food Fest!

July 26th, 2016|0 Comments

We had the most amazing time at the Essex Food Fest last week at Cressing Temple. We met so many lovely people who loved our tiger nuts and fresh tiger nut milk.  We ran free demonstrations […]

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Truly nourishing…healthy orange curd pie

July 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

I’d like to introduce you to my favourite new food blog Truly Nourishing. It’s by the lovely Jen, an amazingly creative and talented cook who is working to become  a nutritional therapist. I first discovered Jen’s […]

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#tigernuttravels…your holiday essentials!

July 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Tiger nuts are seriously one of my essentials when going on holiday! It can be really hard to find healthy snacks when travelling.  Although airports are getting better at providing healthy choices these can be […]

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Acai Bounty Bites

May 13th, 2016|0 Comments

I’ve been testing (and tasting) this Tiger Nut Acai Bounty Bites recipe today, ready for the Against the Grain festival in Camden Market,  where we will be doing a demo on Sunday at 2.30pm with the lovely crew […]

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Tiger Nut Sunny Citrus Breakfast Plate

May 8th, 2016|2 Comments

Tiger nuts are a great way to start the day as they are high in fibre, making them really  filling and keeping you feeling full for longer, and because they are a great source of […]

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Raw Cookery Demo at Camden Market

May 8th, 2016|0 Comments

We are so excited to have been invited to do a raw cookery demonstration at the brilliant Against the Grain Gluten Free Festival in Camden market next week! We have teamed up with OTE Superfoods, […]

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Tiger Nut Taster in Knightsbridge on 7th May!

May 1st, 2016|0 Comments

We are really pleased to announce a lovely new Knightsbridge stockist this week,  Belgravia Health Food Store, in Lowndes Street, SW1X 9JF.  We are so excited as we will be there on Saturday 7h May from 11am- […]

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Tiger Nut Bread

May 1st, 2016|0 Comments

We are so excited about this bread recipe, its gluten free, nut free, and tastes delicious! The recipe is simple to do and was created by the lovely Pru Wood who writes the Creatively Paleo […]

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Happy 1st Birthday ! Raw Tiger Nut, Lemon & Blueberry Cheesecake!

April 19th, 2016|0 Comments

Our first year has been amazingly brilliant! We have learned so much, met so many incredible and lovely people and eaten so many Tiger Nuts! We want to say a huge thank you to all […]

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Barrecore founder Niki Rein loves our Tiger Nuts!

April 10th, 2016|0 Comments

We are so excited to hear that our delicious premium peeled have been chosen for this month’s bespoke Primal Snack Box  by Barrecore founder, Niki Rein. Niki hand-picked us as one of her favourite paleo treats to […]

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Tiger Nut & Blueberry Swirl

April 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Tiger Nuts and blueberries are always an amazing  combination, and this smoothie from our Australian friends Terra Firma Foods  looks amazing!  Try making your smoothie dairy free using Tiger Nut milk instead of yogurt , nut or […]

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Green juice with a prebiotic punch!

March 29th, 2016|0 Comments

I love having  a breakfast juice in the garden on a sunny morning. I particularly love green juices which are full of chlorophyll and vitamins. But did you know that Tiger Nuts are a great […]

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Nutritional Benefits of Horchata

March 29th, 2016|0 Comments

This month the lovely Eva Mauleon of Eva Health has been busy trying our Tiger Nuts and  looking at the nutritional benefits of Tiger Nuts and horchata or Tiger Nut milk.  Eva is originally from Spain and […]

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FREE Tiger Nut Tasters Workshop!

February 28th, 2016|0 Comments

Saturday March 5th.
in Brentwood, Essex
Tiger Nut Tasters Workshop

We have a small number of places available to attend a FREE workshop next Saturday at  10.30 in Brentwood, Essex.
what is it?
At the workshop you’ll learn about some […]

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Raw Black Forest Gateaux Balls!

February 27th, 2016|0 Comments

These yummy little Black Forest Gateaux Balls are so easy to make! They are a real retro treat and the recipe will also give you a glass of tiger nut milk which is delicious and […]

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Tarty Tiger Berry Treats

February 23rd, 2016|0 Comments

These Tarty Tiger Berry Treats are a clever way to use the nutritious tiger nut pulp left over from making tiger nut milk! You’ll find our favourite tiger nut milk recipe here Best Ever Creamy Horchata Recipe.
They […]

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Greens of the Stone Age Competition!

February 12th, 2016|0 Comments

This month we have also teamed up with the gorgeous Georgie from Greens of Stone Age, which is a brilliant paleo food and lifestyle blog, to bring you a chance to win one of SIX […]

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Super Valentines Day Competition!

February 12th, 2016|0 Comments

We’ve teamed up with Yumbles, and RawCo Food to bring you this fantastic Valentine Give-Away!
Worth £26, the bundle includes a jar of RawCo Coconut Oil, Premium Peeled Tiger Nuts (great for cooking or snacking), our NEW Raw […]

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Tiger Nut Bounty Bites!

January 31st, 2016|0 Comments

These bounty bites are so amazing! They taste so much like those famous chocolate and coconut bars, but this version is sugar free and healthy! This no cook version is full of healthy ingredients that are good […]

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Healthy Tiger Nut Pancakes!

January 31st, 2016|0 Comments

tiger nut pancakes IMG_9159


We LOVE this video from James at Simple Foods Simple Fitness! James is a personal trainer and fitness guru who has created the 60 day reset, a personlaised fintness and diet plan […]

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Superfood Breakfast Bowl

January 22nd, 2016|0 Comments

I thought I’d share with you this super healthy superfood smoothie  bowl I made for breakfast this week! If you haven’t yet tried smoothie bowls you should, they are so easy and quick to do […]

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20% off with Yumbles!

January 22nd, 2016|0 Comments

If you haven’t discovered Yumbles yet, what are you waiting for?! It is  an amazing site, a carefully curated marketplace for food lovers, packed full of amazing  and unusual foods and treats. They have the […]

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Guess what’s in Primal Snack boxes this month!

January 15th, 2016|0 Comments



We are very excited to be making an appearance in not one, but TWO of the Primal Snack boxes this month! The Primal Snack boxes have been seen and eaten in all the best places […]

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Double Choc Chip Red Velvet Cake

January 15th, 2016|0 Comments

At last here is the recipe for my chocolate beetroot cake. Its healthy, sugar free, gluten free, paleo and full of nutritious ingredients! This is such a delicious, seriously rich and seriously chocolatey cake which […]

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December 12th, 2015|0 Comments

We are so excited to announce that  our tiger nuts are featured in the amazing Superfoodio boxes this month! You’ll find cute little 35g bags of our delicious premium peeled tiger nuts in each box. […]

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NEW Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts!

December 8th, 2015|0 Comments

We are so excited to bring you our new  Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts! They taste amazing! These are really special organic tiger nuts lovingly dusted by hand, by us with our special raw chocolate blend. […]

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Amazing Cold Brew Tiger Nut Latte!

November 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

We were lucky enough to come across an amazing new product recently, cold brew coffee from Raw Grind, an exciting new brand based in Essex. Coffee that is cold brewed not only tastes amazing (no bitter […]

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Sugar Free Hot Chocolate and Biscuits!

November 13th, 2015|0 Comments

Nothing beats a warming cup of hot chocolate with a biscuit – and here is an amazing and delicious sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, no guilt healthy version for you to enjoy as the weather […]

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LifeBox Food Co November box!

November 13th, 2015|0 Comments

The LifeBox Food Co November boxes are here! If you haven’t heard of LifeBox yet you are in for a treat – just look at how many goodies are in each specially curated box,! LifeBox […]

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LifeBox Food Co!

October 26th, 2015|0 Comments

We are so very excited to announce that we will be in LifeBox Food’s November boxes! If you haven’t heard of them (where have you been?!) LifeBox is a small box creating a BIG life […]

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Delicious Chocolate Fondants

October 26th, 2015|0 Comments

Love chocolate? Then you’ll love these luxurious hot chocolate fondants! This gorgeous tiger nut desert is the winning recipe from our #tigernutlove competition. It’s from the very talented Susan at,  Congratulations Susan!   We […]

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Amazing Tiger Nut topped Porridge

September 6th, 2015|1 Comment

This beautiful creation was made by one of our customers, and it is so amazing I just had to share it here with you all! The clever  lady who made this is in Germany, and […]

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New Stockists

September 6th, 2015|0 Comments

We are really pleased to announce that we are now stocked in two retail outlets !

Our first retailer is Calcott Hall Farm in Brentwood,  Essex. We had a Tiger Nut Tasting day with them on […]

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The Perfect Holiday Snack!

August 6th, 2015|0 Comments

Did you know that tiger nuts peeled are the perfect snack to take with you on holiday? We took some with us recently on a trip to Ibiza, (taking tiger nuts to Spain is a […]

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Colchester Vegan Fair Saturday 1st August

August 6th, 2015|0 Comments

Our stand at the Colchester Vegan Fair last week! We had a great day and met lots of lovely people, i fact one  food blogger came miles especially to taste our tiger nuts! Our free […]

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Easy Pea-sea Soup

July 13th, 2015|0 Comments

I am so stupidly excited about this soup! I created it when I was on a 3 day juice detox. Sometimes when on a juice detox I crave something warming and so will often knock up a […]

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Tiger Nut Hob Nobs

July 13th, 2015|0 Comments

This recipe is from a guest food blogger who has recently discovered our Tiger Nut flour! You must check out her website, for the full blog, and also because  is full of amazing healthy recipes […]

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Apple Pie Smoothie

June 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

This must be one of the best smoothies ever created ! I’d bought an apple pie flavour raw bar, and although it was really nice I was a bit disappointed as it seemed to taste […]

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Chocolate Horchata Cake

June 12th, 2015|0 Comments

This is an easy but longer more complex recipe than usual, but I absolutely promise you it is worth it! I created this cake after being inspired by the delicious raw deserts created by the […]

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Blueberry Chia Pudding

June 12th, 2015|0 Comments

This is a my favourite chia pudding recipe, so easy to do and it tastes really nice. I really love the unusual texture of chia pudding, it’s my new favourite discovery  this month. It is […]

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Tiger Nut Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

May 10th, 2015|0 Comments

This is such a delicious and decadent smoothie, it is hard to believe it is actually good for you! It is guilt free, dairy free and sugar free and full of natural nutrients. I made […]

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Amazing Gluten Free Baked Coconut Doughnuts!

May 10th, 2015|1 Comment

This is one of my favourite recipes, developed for us by a lovely friend Sarah, who is a very clever baker! What I think is amazing is that these doughnuts are actually full of delicious […]

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Best Ever Creamy Horchata Recipe!

May 4th, 2015|1 Comment

Lots of people  have been asking us for more information about horchata and how to make it. Horchata de chufa  is a  traditional Spanish drink made from tiger nuts, similar to rice milk or almond milk. […]

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A Gorgeous Healthy Breakfast!

April 30th, 2015|0 Comments

Breakfast can be tricky when you are eating wheat or gluten free, and I often have a juice or smoothie. But on Monday I was inspired by a photo of a dragon fruit breakfast bowl […]

  • Tiger nuts organic daisies


April 17th, 2015|0 Comments

Hello – woo-hoo! Its our birthday……..

Say hello to the Tiger Nut ! A fantastic little super food which isn’t actually a nut but a small root vegetable packed full of super food qualities.  From our […]

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Pretty in Pink Smoothie

April 16th, 2015|0 Comments

This recipe makes a pretty, quite sweet tasting smoothie, and adding Tiger Nuts Milled makes it more filling. I invented it one day when I got a bit bored with green smoothies and wanted something […]

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Tropical Ice Cream

April 16th, 2015|0 Comments

I am so excited about this simple recipe ! It’s a delicious, sweet yet super healthy low calorie treat.

All you need are a few ingredients, but you will need a masticating juicer with a grinder […]