Historically good for you

 Tiger Nuts are THE original Paleo super food! They are THE most nutritionally dense tuber on the planet (1.) believed to be the main source of food and nutrition for our ancient ancestors. There is evidence from Oxford university that over a million years ago Tiger Nuts were the staple food of our ancestor the ‘nutcracker man’, and that Tiger Nuts were eaten regularly as part of the stone age diet.   In fact some scientists believe Tiger Nuts were an  important source of nutrition which helped our brains grow and develop as human beings. 

Tiger Nuts are an ancient super food, and as long as 4,000 years ago they were recognised as having  some truly amazing nutritional and health benefits. The ancient Egyptians believed that Tiger Nuts had  healing and regenerative properties. Ayurvedic medicine has used Tiger Nuts to treat many health issues, and in Africa they are used as a medicine as well as a food. But importantly today, the health properties and nutritional claims are being backed by research and scientific evidence.

First cultivated in ancient Egypt, Tiger Nuts have played a vital part of diets in a number of cultures including African and European. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 18.33.06Tiger Nut Milk – Horchata

Tiger Nuts are also used to make a nut free nut milk, also called horchata.But many people don’t realise that Tiger Nut milk (horchata) has been drunk for hundreds of years in Spain.

It is also drunk in Africa as Kunnu Aya, a traditional Nigerian drink.

Many of the traditional recipes are high in sugar, but Tiger Nuts are naturally sweet and the milk is delicious made without sugar, or sweetened with a little of your chosen sweetener.

Tiger Nut milk is a delicious and historic drink with many health benefits-a well kept health secret that is now here in the UK too!

How beautiful is this photo? Its an original and very old horchateria in Valencia, Spain. We haven’t visited it yet but we hope to really soon!

Did you know there is even a song about it? Horchata by Vampire Weekend ….


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