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About Us

With family in Spain Tiger Nuts are in our roots, and we are obsessed with all things Tiger Nut!

Tiger Nuts are a delicious, versatile, ancient, nutrient dense, unprocessed whole food, and after researching the health benefits we knew we had to share this amazing little super food with everyone.

We  care about health and healthy eating. We know that eating well is so important for health, and we believe that there doesn’t need to be a choice between healthy food and taste – we want both! Healthy food can be exciting and delicious, and Tiger Nuts make it easy to eat healthy and enjoy tasty food.

About Quality

We care about quality and take a lot of care when sourcing our Tiger Nuts. We only deal with two carefully chosen suppliers who are EU based, who control the quality of Tiger Nuts from soil to us, and we control it from them to you. All of our products are grown organically and sustainably.

The drying process of our Tiger Nuts is very intensive and important to the quality. Ours are dried for three months in humidity controlled environments, and turned every day to make sure they dry evenly to prevent mould developing. There are cheaper Tiger Nuts available but often the drying process will not have been carried out with care.

We pay a little extra with our suppliers to make sure all of our products are packed in nut free and gluten free environments*. Not all companies can say this.

About Packaging

We know our packaging is a little quirky.  We use the original packaging supplied to us from each producer and we don’t repack in our own packaging (except our snack bags). We do this because;

  • It saves on resources and transport miles. It seems wasteful to have the tiger nuts delivered to us, send them to a warehouse, unpack them, throw away the original packaging, repack in more expensive packaging and then redeliver to us! This is what most brands do, but we don’t. It does mean we have to come up with creative ways of getting our branding onto the products!
  • It means we can keep costs and therefore prices down, as we don’t have to pass on expensive packaging costs to you the consumer.
  • It means that the tiger nuts we sell are vacuum packed where they are produced and only exposed to the air when you open them*. This helps ensure freshness and quality.

We think we are pretty unique in our field in doing this.

We care about our customers, and work hard to produce honest products and a personal service. We are always at the end of the phone if you have a question.

We hope you love our Tiger Nuts products as much as we do, and if you have any feedback, questions, or fancy a chat please get in touch on our contact page !

*except our 35g  bags which are packed by us at our home. Our home kitchen is does contain nuts and gluten, and whilst we take great care to avoid cross contamination (we have a level 5 hygiene certificate), if you have a serious concern or allergy we suggest you stick to our larger packs.