Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag


Making tiger nut milk is easy with our Tiger Nut Company nut milk bag!  It is strong, reusable, and a little cheeky!

Designed and tested extensively by us! It is a generous size with a nice wide opening, strong stitching and a seamless bottom making it cleaner to extract your milk and easier to clean. It’s nice wide opening is a perfect size for using with a blender or Vitamix. We promise that this bag will help you make the most perfect, silkiest homemade nut milk – with no gritty bits-  and will deliver great results every time.

It is made from ethically sourced pure organic cotton, and because we are working to reduce plastic our use of plastic, we pack it in compostable bag too.

We love this bag and we know you will love it too.

The bag is really versatile, I’ve used mine three or four times a week, mostly for making lovely fresh tiger nut milk. I have also used it for making labneh, straining yoghurt and also broth. You can make any type of nut milk or vegetable juice,  for sprouting seeds and nuts, or making jelly (does anyone actually make jelly?!).

When storing your tiger nut milk you will notice a thick residue or sediment. Don’t panic! This is normal and its full of good stuff for your gut. Simply stir or shake the container so it mixes back in before drinking. Tiger nut milk will keep for 2- 3 days in a fridge, if you haven’t drunk it all before then!

You will have some leftover pulp – don’t throw this away! It is delicious sprinkled over cereal or turned into raw truffles or protein balls – see our recipe pages for some inspiration 🙂

Although we recommend washing by hand after use , you can machine wash on a gentle 30 degrees cycle . You may experience very slight shrinkage after the first machine wash .


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