Well, it’s not actually a nut, it’s a small root vegetable, grown in a field and harvested in pretty much the same way as a potato. Known in Spain as the Chufa, it’s a super little tuber, nutrient dense and packed with super food qualities.

Tiger Nuts are very easy to grow, and because of this are often still grown, sorted and dried in the traditional way.  You can see one of the Valencian farmers talking about their tiger nuts  in a short  video here

Tiger nuts are an ancient food, one that our paleo ancestors thrived on. But it seems that tiger nuts have been out of fashion for a  while, and people have forgotten how good for you they are – but we are trying hard to change that!

In fact, tiger nuts are the super plant for gardeners this year. We are even trying our hand at growing some ourselves in our back garden!

They are seriously versatile, you can eat them raw, whole, chopped, as a flour, and even as a delicious, nutritious drink!

They are seriously high in fibre, potassium, vitamin E, and have lots of lovely prebiotic fibre for good gut health!

Tiger nuts are packed full of super food goodness – you can find out more about their health benefits here!

Want to know how to eat them? You can find lots of recipes here to inspire you!

We are nuts about tiger nuts, and our range of delicious tiger nuts products makes it easy to get a dose of tiger nut goodness every day!