The amazing Chufamix!


The Chufamix is absolutely brilliant! It is the first device specifically designed to squeeze milk from nuts, seeds and herbs. It was designed in Spain specifically for use with tiger nuts, but it can also be used to make a variety of milks such as almond, cashew and coconut. Making your own nut and vegetable milk is more cost effective and retains more nutrients and goodness than buying processed milks and you’ll also be able to use the delicious leftover pulp. I promise you making your own is much easier than you think!

You  can find out how easy it is to use in this video right —–> here

We have been using ours for over a year and we just love it – and feedback from our customers tell us that they love it too!

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The chufamix is manufactured to a very high standard in Spain, and is designed to last made from a strong non toxic BPA free plastic. It consists of an outer tube and inner filter. Simply place the tiger nuts in water inside the inner filter, then using your own hand blender (this isn’t supplied) you blend and squeeze using the attachment until the milk is squeezed out. It is easy to use and easy to wash, and even comes with its own lid which means it  doubles up as a storage bottle for your tiger nut milk!

When storing your tiger nut milk you will notice a thick residue or sediment. Don’t panic! This is normal and its full of good stuff for your gut. Simply stir or shake the container so it mixes back in before drinking. Tiger nut milk will keep for 2- 3 days in a fridge, if you haven’t drunk it all before then!

You will have some left over pulp – don’t throw this away! It is delicious sprinkled over cereal or turned into raw truffles or protein balls – see our recipe pages for some inspiration 🙂





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