Unpeeled Tiger Nuts
These are ideal for making Tiger Nut Milk. They can be eaten straight from the bag, but you might prefer to soak them in water first, as this makes them softer, crunchier and intensifies the taste. We have two varieties, Tiger Nuts Original which are large and round and we think have a clean taste with hints of vanilla and coconut. Or Chufa de Valencia which are smaller and softer we would describe as having a sweeter more creamy taste.

Peeled Tiger Nuts
Our Naked Tiger Nuts are stripped and naked, which leaves them a little softer and sweeter than unpeeled. These are a good all rounder, great for snacking and brilliant for making fresh Tiger Nut Milk. Eat straight from the bag or mixed with cereal, salad, yoghurt or our particular favourite- blueberries.

Our Tiger Nuts Crunch is perfect for sprinkling onto almost anything – from salads, and soup to yoghurt and ice cream!

Our Tiger Nuts Flakes are amazing and perfect on their own or added to almost anything like salads, yoghurt and granolas.

Our Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts. These are made by us, by hand with our special blend of organic vanilla, cinnamon and raw cacao. A perfect treat for health conscious chocoholics, raw foodies and anyone following a paleo, vegan, clean, or dairy free diet.

NEW!! Tiger Nut Granola Range
We are very excited to bring you a delicious range of raw activated tiger nut granolas. Created by Irina and Victor who are passionate about whole foods, and healthy living. The granolas make it even easier to get your prebiotic tiger nut goodness for breakfast!

NEW!! Tiger Nut Energy Balls!
Created by us in two delicious flavours! Made with tiger nuts and added superfood powders for extra energy and goodness. Our balls are packed with raw, pure energy and goodness! A healthy, guilt-free snack for everyone.

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  • Tiger Nuts Naked

  • Tiger Nuts Original

  • Tiger Nut Flakes

  • Tiger Nut Crunch

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    NEW! Raw Energy Balls! Tiger Nut, Chocolate & Orange with Maca

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    New! Raw Energy Balls! Tiger Nut, Ginger & Date with Guarana

  • Tiger Nut Milk Making Pack

  • Chufa de Valencia Tiger Nuts 250g

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Raw Chai & Tiger Nut Chocolate Bar – 3 pack

  • NEW! Raw Tiger Nut Granola – Sea Buckthorn and Aronia Berries

  • NEW! Raw Tiger Nut Granola – Nopal Cactus and Chia

  • NEW! Raw Tiger Nut Granola – Jerusalem Artichoke and Chocolate

  • Raw Chocolate and Tiger Nut Bar – 3 pack

  • Chufa de Valencia 1kg

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Organic Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts – 3 pack

    Rated 4.50 out of 5