Tiger Nut Milk

Horchata de Chufa, or Tiger Nut Milk is a delicious and nutritious nut free, lactose free, dairy free drink! It is made from soaking, blending and straining tiger nuts, and it originated in Spain many years ago.

Legend has it that Horchata (spelled originally as Orxata) got its name when a young girl in a village offered some to the king of Catalunya in Spain. After enjoying the drink the king asked what it was. When the young girl answered ‘tiger nut milk’, the king exclaimed this isn’t milk, this is ‘Or, xata !’ In Catalan ‘or’ means gold, and ‘xata’ pronounced chata, means sweetie.

Our amazing tiger nut milk tastes so natural and creamy – the closest to homemade you can get!

We have been working with a small eco-agricultural farm in Spain developed this amazing milk just for us. It is made with traditional Chufa de Valencia tiger nuts this unsweetened version has a real depth of tiger nut flavour, and is only 48 calories per 100 mls.

We LOVE tiger nut milk, an organic and delicious dairy-free milk alternative!

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